Liposuction Season

September 16, 2012

Springtime is here and many patients are beginning to think about the coming summer months and worrying about areas of their body that could be a little leaner or firmer.  Liposuction is a surgery that many patients benefit from, but it is not for everyone.  The ideal candidate has an area or pocket of fat that is out of proportion with their body.  When your lifestyle includes regular exercise and following a healthy diet and you just cannot seem to reduce the size of your stomach, hips, thighs or any other isolated area, you are usually a good prospect for liposuction.

The goal of liposuction is to sculpt a particular area and reduce its size.  This sounds simple, but it can be quite complex.  It is very important to remove the right amount of fat – too much will tend to leave excess skin, too little will not cause enough of a difference, and it is important to blend the treated area into the surrounding areas.

For the right patient, one who is at a healthy weight and is not dealing with excess skin that is sometimes seen with changes such as pregnancy and dramatic weight loss, liposuction is a great procedure that can not only enhance your current figure, but cause enough change to motivate you to continue on the path of living a healthy life.

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Many of my patients find benefit from various products, commonly called “injectables” to create temporary and subtle changes to their appearance.  Basically, these fall into two separate categories.  The first is Botox.  When used correctly, Botox works well to ease some of the wrinkles caused by facial muscles that we use hundreds of times a day.  I am careful to use Botox in moderation so that the results are very natural and you still maintain your natural expressiveness.  Depending on your individual needs, Botox needs to be done every three to six months for ideal results.

The other class of injectables fall into the category of “fillers”.  Some examples of these include Restylane, Radiesse, and Juvederm.  These products, while temporary, last many months and some as much as a year.  They each have pretty specific uses that vary from person to person so rather than detail what each product can do, please review the list below which highlights some of benefits that fillers can provide.

  • Improve appearance of “marionette” lines.  These are the lines that run from the bottom of the nose and frame the mouth.
  • Enhance the cheek areas
  • Enhance your lip size
  • Improve wrinkles that are too deep to be resolved with Botox alone

“Trying On” Implants

Patients frequently ask if they can “try on” breast implants to get a better feel for what different sizes will look like.  After performing well over a thousand breast augmentation surgeries, I can assure you that the implants look and feel different once they are in the body.  Inside the body, implants are affected by the pressure and support of the chest muscles as well as the other tissues – bone, fatty tissue and breast tissue that surround the implants.  So while I encourage my patients to experiment with different implants during our consultation, keep in mind that for the majority of cases, it matters much more how the surgery is done than what type of implants are used.  This is why it is my goal to ensure that we communicate well during your consult so that you can have a breast augmentation that enhances your figure.

Zeltiq Now at DPSI


Dr. Hobar is excited to announce the arrival of Zeltiq.  This is a revolutionary new laser that provides conservative reduction of fatty tissue with no downtime.  Each session takes about an hour and results are visible over the next month or two.  The trunk of the body – the abdomen, back and love handle area – responds best to this treatment.  And while your results will not be nearly as significant as liposuction surgery, it is a great alternative if you are unable to commit to surgery.  Contact our skin care and laser clinic, EpiCentre Park Lane, for more information about this revolutionary new laser.